While IYS uses every commercially reasonable effort in the discharge of its services, it makes no guaranty or warranty that it will successfully serve an intended target. In addition, IYS disclaims any responsibility for an untimely filing of any complaint, appeal, motion or other court pleading assigned to IYS that is not received by IYS in advance of three (3) business days prior to any filing deadline. Customer agrees that IYS will not be liable for consequential damages even if advised of the possibility of such damages. In any event, any customer that retains IYS agrees that IYS'S aggregate liability, if any, for any and all losses or injuries to customer arising out of any acts or omissions of IYS in connection with anything to be done or furnished pursuant to IYS'S retention, regardless of the cause of the loss or injury and regardless of the nature of the legal or equitable right claimed to have been violated shall never exceed the amount paid by customer for the services furnished to customer and customer covenants and promises that customer will not sue IYS for any amount greater than such sum.